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Precis File
SHIP NAME: Zoe Colocotronis KEY: NUM. ENTRIES: 2
source OSCH
type D
volume 37579B
material crude

At 0255 on March 18, 1973, the Zoe Colocotronis en route to Guayanilla, Puerto Rico ran aground on a reef 3.5 miles off the La Parguera tourist area on the SW coast of Puerto Rico. The master ordered water and cargo from the forward tank jettisoned to help get the vessel off the reef, so 37,579 barrels of crude oil were intentionally released. The master later stated that the gyro compass, radar and depth sounder were not working properly. No distress or notification calls were made, and the master initially insisted that no oil had been released. Winds were 18-19 knots, and seas were 1-1.5 feet.

source CTX
type D
volume 37600B

Ship had loaded in Venezuela. There are several possible causes here, including

  1. Lousy navigation. Colocotronis was a terrible owner with an inordinate number of spills. And the master admitted the navigation gear was out of order.
  2. Difficult entrance. We dont know exactly where this spill occured, but the entrance to Guayanilla (not Guayarilla) has been the site of over 10 groundings. Yeah, but it looks like this grounding was well to the west of the entrance.
Sources we have so far, dont say whether the Masters jettisoning of cargo was successful in refloating the ship. If it was, it could very well have been the right move.

Need more info. There was a suit between PR and the owner. There must have been an official investigation. But CTX has seen neither.