CTX Mate
The Center For Tanker Excellence
Tanker Loading, Salvage and Spill Reduction Program

CTX Mate is an Open Source tanker loading instrument,
salvage program, and spill reduction package.
CTX Mate can also be used as an instructional program,
and as a tanker design tool.

The specifications can be found at www.c4tx.org/ctx/job/mate/spec.pdf

The User's Manual can be found at www.c4tx.org/ctx/job/mate/users.pdf

The Installation Manual can be found at www.c4tx.org/ctx/job/mate/admin.pdf

Perhaps the best introduction to CTX Mate is the paper at www.c4tx.org/ctx/pub/ctxmate.pdf.

Users unfamiliar with hydrostatic balance should study The Physics of Tanker Spillage.

The program is distributed free of charge under the Gnu Public Licence.
See the COPYING file in the download package for details.
CTX Mate can be downloaded from Get Latest Version.

The TODO list is here.

Email about this project should be sent to mate@c4tx.org.