CTX Casualty Database To Do List

1. Incorporate the USCG MSIS spills


2. Go thru the hardcopy NTSB reports

3. Incorporate the REMPEC tanker spills

4. Go thru all the ETC spills, put in missing where appropriate

5. Incorporate the info in Hooke

6. Most Wanted List

Prestige, Erika, Castor
Confirm/deny failed ballast tanks were originally cargo tanks? We need tank arrangement prior to switch to segregated ballast, and tank arrangement afterwards. (Already done for Prestige). When did they make the change? Confirm original segergated ballast tanks were coated, new ones not.
Epic Colocotronis
What caused this OBO explosion? Where is the USCG investigation report?
Castillo de Bellver
Confirm/deny structural failure prior/post fire? If fire first, what caused it?
Khark 5
Confirm/deny structural failure prior/post fire? If fire first, what caused it?
Jakob Maersk
What really caused the grounding? How could a grounding cause an oil leak in the engine room that destroyed the whole ship? What were a large part of a very small crew doing in the ER upon entering port? Were 7 killed (CEDRE) or 5 (others)? Why did MIT claim that "rescue attempts" started fire?
A real mystery spill. Cedre talks about "proulsion failure due to diverse damage" and "breaking of hull at tanker [sic] 1", which seem inconsistent. LMIU says "structural failure under tow". Maybe engine failure, followed by structural failure from the towing stresses. Big spill on a loaded VLCC for which we need a much better explanation.
Biggest IPH spill ever. What really happened?
Mega Borg
What really happened in that pump room?
Juan Lavalleja
Another very big mystery spill. Was she moored at fixed berth, the SeaLine CBM, or anchored? How did we hit a breakwater, spill 30,000 tons of condensate, without a fire? At a minimum need berth.
Yet another mystery spill. Was she moored or anchored? If moored, how did we kill 27/28 crew? If anchored, why didn't she move off a lee shore? At a minimum need which berth?
A near total mystery. All we know (maybe) was that it was very big.