How to Contribute to the CTX Casualty Database

One of the major premises behind the CTX Casualty Database (CDB) is the hope that any user of this data who has information on a particular casualty whether it be a correction or an addition will contribute that information to the database. The CTX is painfully aware that our tanker casualty data is incomplete and is bound to be incorrect in places. We know that behind every spill, every casualty, there is a story; and in just about all cases we know we do not have that story, certainly not the complete story. Especially when it come to cause, the CDB is replete with blanks and hopefully informed guesses. We also know that somebody out there knows what really happened. The CTX will be happy to receive any corrections, additions, comments, etc. We are particularly interested in information relating to cause, and leads to the official investigation reports. Also please see our Most Wanted List.

There are two ways you can contribute to the database.
  1. For attribution.
    This is the preferred method. In this case, your contribution, if used, will show up in the casualty's Precis file with full creditation.
  2. Anonymously
    CTX realizes that some of our contributors may be subject to various forms of retribution for disclosing information that their employers or others would prefer not to have disclosed. Therefore, we will accept anonymous contributions. If used, these contributions will be labeled Source Withheld on Request. We prefer of course that you identify yourself to the CTX who will undertake not to disclose your identity until you give us permission to do so. In almost all cases, it will be very difficult for CTX to use information for which we don't know the source.
CTX cannot accept information for Background Only. In either case, whether or not your contribution is actually incorporated in the CTX CDB will be at the CTX's sole discretion. Be aware that, if it is incorporated, the information becomes in a legal sense the CTX's property to be distributed under the Gnu Free Documentation License (GFDL).

If you have relevent information and can accept these minimal conditions, then please send CTX an email at Or if you have hardcopy material, please send it to us at
Center for Tankship Excellence
212 Tarpon Street
Tavernier FL 33070

Also we have a number of sub-projects related to the Casualty Database. See the To Do List. If anybody would like to take on any of these jobs, please let us know.