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source Tradewinds 2009-11-23
type A
dead 5

Chinese maritime authorities have haeavily criticised the navigation on a Bocimar bulker during an accidental collision with a fishing vessel that resulted in the loss of at least two lives.

The claims have been made in a hard hitting report by China's Martime safety Agency (MSA) into the collision between 53,500 dwt handymax CMB Biwa and a Chinese fishing vessel 77 gt Lu Ri Yu 1608 inMay. The accident left two fisherman dead, three missing and two injured

According to the report, the CMB Biwa collided with the Lu Ri Yu 1608 in clear and calm conditions with six to seven miles visibility on 5 may at 00:56 near the No 5 anchorage at Rizhao port. The CMB Biwa was heading for Rizhao port anchorage No 1 at 14 knots from indonesia, where it had picked up a cargo of coal. The master, second officer amd an AB were on the bridge.

The vessel changed to hand steeering and speed was reduced to 11.1 knots when it encountered an area heavily congested with fishing boats. Speed was further reduced to 10.5 knots with the Lu Ri Yu 1608 and its sister boat Lu Ri Yu 1607 just one nautical mile away. When the fishing vessels came to closer quarters, the Lu Ri Yu 1607 overtook the CMB Biwa on the starboard side.

The Lu Ri Yu 1608, ahead of the CMB Biwa, manoeuvred to the port side and, in order to avoid a collision, the master of the bulker ordered the vessel hard to starboard.

The result was that the starboard bow of the Lu Ri Yu 1608 hit the starboard bow of the CMB Biwa at an angle of between 30 and 50 degrees. While the CMB BIwa suffered a few scratches, the Lu Ri Yu 1608 was severely damaged with only two survivors found by Shandong search and rescue.

The MSA says the CMB Biwa did not follow its obligations as a give-way vessel under collision regulations. "When facing the close quarters situation, it turned to starboard trying to pass through the two fishing vessels is [sic] the direct cause of the accident." The NSA says the ship should have taken earlier action to steer clear of the fishing vessels. The failure of the fishing vessels to react correctly is given as an "indirect reason" for the collision.

source CTX
type C

The Tradewinds account appears to be a little garbled and CTX has no seen the Chinese report. Until we know more, we are calling the cause unknown.