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source CTX
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Marpol single hull VLCC was hit which anchored about 5 miles off Taen. She was fully loaded waiting to discharge at the Daesan SBM. The hitter was a floating crane, the 1600 ton Samsung No 1, which was being towed by two tugs.

Apparently, the crane got away from the tugs in high wind. One source puts the waves at 13 ft. At 0730, it bumped down the port side of the Hebei Spirit, holing No 1, No 3, and No 5 port cargo tanks, and damaging No 4 port wing ballast tank. The damage must have been all above water for the crew listed the ship strongly (some say 6-7 degrees) to starboard.

The ship attempted to communicate with the tow, but the tow was not monitoring Channel 16. Not clear what this would have accomplished. The ship also veered cable, and apparently did a good job of minimizing the spillage. The winds were strong enough so that some of the oil was blown up on deck.

One photo shows the damage to probably 5P (possibly 3P). It is about a 2m x 2m hole about 3 m above the light loadline, not deep at all.

The Korean Marine Accident Inquiry Agency puts the spill at 12,547 kl. Some 20 km (some sources say 70 km) of shoreline were said to be oiled, including 227 fish farms. Some source says ITOPF has agreed to 300.5 MM USD in damages.

Fortunate there was not a fire. Ship was renamed Sea Glory. This is a rare collision with a big spill in which double sides definitely would have helped.

VTS apparently observed the whole thing, and communicated with Hebei Spirit. Despite the fact tht the ship was legally anchored, and apparently did a good job of minimizing the spillage, the Koreans indicted the Master for failure to exercise due caution.