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Precis File
SHIP NAME: Clinker Carrier KEY: NUM. ENTRIES: 2
source Indian Coast Guard
type A
volume Y
dead 0

Sinking of MV Clinker carrier: On 04 Jul 07, MRCC(MB) received a telephonic message from Capt Vishal of Emirates Training Agencies based at Dubai regarding flooding and sinking of vessel in position 18 deg 56 North 071 degree 28 East (272 Prongs Lt. 75) due flooding in number one hold. He requested assistance from Coast Guard for evacuation of crew. MRCC(MB) immediately activated ISN. CG Dornier ex Daman was launched for area and ICGS Kamladevi was also kept standby for SAR. MRCC(MB) requested ONGC, FODAG and DG COMCENTRE to divert vessels in area, if any. At about 1553 hrs on 04 Jul 07, a message was received from Captain, MV MAERSK DHAKA, that the vessel is in the vicinity of distressed vessel and preparing to pick up crew. At about 1603 hrs, on 04 Jul 07, another message was received from Captain of the distressed vessel that rescue vessel was in area and the crew ex Clinker Carrier was abandoning ship. ICGS Kamladevi sailed at 1620 hrs on 04 Jul 07 for rescue operation. At about 1750 hrs on 04 Jul 07 Capt of MV MAERSK DHAKA reported that distressed vessel had sunk in position 19 deg 02.10 North 071 deg 41.81 East ‘at 1745 ‘hrs and all the 22 crew onboard have been rescued and escorted to Mumbai. M/s Atlantic Shipping Pvt Ltd, the shipping agents for MV Clinker carrier were intimated for further management of crew.

source CTX
type D
volume N

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