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Precis File
SHIP NAME: Hanjin Dampier KEY: NUM. ENTRIES: 2
source ATSB
type D
dead 0

Left Dampier full loaded iron ore at 1032, draft fwd=17.94, draft aft = 18.10. At 1127, two of three generators stopped. At 1152, third generator tripped. Speed was a little over 8 knots. Rudder was 10 starboard at the time, ship turned to starboard. Emergency generator failed to start, steering was restored at about 1156. 1202 ship grounded at 20.29.7S, 166,43.3E.

The main gens lost power due to saltwater in fuel in part because crew has used too small a gravity disc (63 mm when 68mm or more recommended) in the DO purifier discharge.

Emergency generator failed to start automatically becuase of fault in battery. Last test was nearly a month earlier.

Refloated on next spring tide, 20020908 after lightening 5000-6000 tons of cargo. Bottom was not breached.

Crew was 10 officers (including 2 trainees) and 12 ratings.

source CTX
type L

Ship grounded at nearly high slack water of a nearly spring tide. This channel has a maintained depth of 15.5m based on Lowest Low Water (LAT). Tidal range is 4.4/3.1 spring/neap tides. Transit time to the Sea Buoy is 120 to 150 minutes. Hammersley pushes water depth very hard. In order to reach open water, pilots have to hit various waypoints within a few minutes of the target time without creating too much squat.

Once again (see Pierre LD, Braer, ...) we find that redundancy means little if there are inter-dependencies. In this case, all three generators depended on the same fuel source, so they all went down when the diesel had a bit too much sea water in it. It appears that the water content that shut the generators down was less than 1 percent which seems stange. The water might have gotten into the tank via a broken and unserviceable bad manhole gasket.

Pilot, perhaps remembering Pierre LD, talked Master out of letting go the anchors which would at best have done nothing. Ship grounded at about six knots on soft bottom.

The emergency generator should be tested weekly; but with a crew this small, it is understandable that they went with monthly tests. The SOLAS requirement is only that the emergency system be tested periodically which is no requirement at all.