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Precis File
SHIP NAME: Genmar Constantine KEY: NUM. ENTRIES: 1
source CGMIX
type A

At approximately 0656 on 21 June 2002 the subject vessel, a tank ship carrying crude oil, lost all power due to failure of #3 generator and subsequent loss of #1 and #2 generators. Vessel dropped port and starboard anchors but due to tide and current action at approximately 0704 starboard side of vessel allided with USNS CAPE KENNEDY moored at Naval Support Activity East Bank, Poland Avenue Wharf. CAPE KENNEDY was moored outboard of USNS CAPE KNOX. The allision resulted in a 10" x 10" hole in the CAPE KENNEDY sideshell and extensive paint scraping. GENMAR CONSTANTINE sustained significant damage to an accommodation ladder, handrails, and a fuel loading arm. The force from the allision caused the CAPE KENNEDY to push against the CAPE KNOX, which resulted in minor damage to the dock. A subsequent survey of the CAPE KNOX loading ramp found no damage sustained. No pollution or injuries reported.