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Precis File
source Taipei Times, 2002-05-09
type A
volume N
dead 0

A British owned vessel stuck in the Taiwan Strait with 249,000 tonnes of oil has been ordered to leave for fear of a possible spill but doesn't have any power.

Taiwan yesterday ordered the British owner of a Liberian registered oil tanker, currently floating without power in the Taiwan Strait, to tow it out of Taiwan's waters to prevent pollution form its cargo of 249,000 tonnes of crude oil.

The oil tanker, the Front Tobago, was originally headed for Wakayama, Japan, where it was to discharge the oil. But on May 2, it lost power near Japan and its British owner hired a Singapore-based vessel, the Smit Wijs, to tow it to Japan.

On Sunday, Japan denied the tanker permission to enter its waters and the tanker, towed by the vessel, headed for Taiwan's waters and requested permission to enter Hualien or Kaohsiung harbors.

On Tuesday, it was towed to an area of shallow water known as the Taiwan Bank in the Taiwan Strait and decided to transfer its cargo to another tanker, an operation that carries the risk of oil spillage.

Yesterday the [Taiwanese] task force officially ordered the ship's owner to tow it out of Taiwan's waters as soon as possible.

source CTX
type D
volume N
material C
dead 0

Cargo was eventually transferred to the Front Ace in open water. The transfer was complete of 2002-05-12. Lloyds List later reported ship was in Singapore having "crankshaft renewed". Guessing main bearings kaput. Obviously, a major failure. Need a lot more data.