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Precis File
source IMO_HNS
type A
volume 0T
material jet fuel
dead 0
link http://folk.uio.nor/erikro/WWW/HNS/INF-2.pdf

On 25 November 1997, the Nordfarer was in collision with the Hoegh Mistral in the English Channel. The Nordfarer suffered extensive damage to her forecastle, pump room and engine room and was holed in several places. Fortunately, there was no pollution from the 28000 t of jet fuel carried as cargo although a small fire started in the engine room, which if it had not been brought quickly under control by the ship's crew and halon smothering system could have posed a serious threat of explosion.

source CTX
type D
volume 7000T
material G
dead 0

A collision should not cause damage to the engine room or pump room, nor a fire in the engine room. Maybe this source has the sequence reversed.

No info on encounter type, conditions, etc. No ship under this name is in equasis.