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Precis File
source Schader, Site Remediation News, NJ, DEP
type A
volume 40000G

On May 9, 1996, the Motor Tanker Anitra anchored in the Big Stone anchorage with its cargo of 41.9 million gallons of Nemba and Cabinda crude oils and prepared to lighter, or pump off, part of its cargo to a barge to enable the vessel to transit the thirty-five foot channel depth of the upper Delaware River. The anchorage is located in Delaware waters approximately ten and one half miles from Cape May, New Jersey. The vessel's draft was approximately 58.7 feet and it had anchored in approximately 65 feet of water. An oil sheen was noticed around the vessel on arrival but shortly after, it disappeared. During the lightering operation, it is believed that the valves to the sea chest had been inadvertently left open or that designated ballast lines had cargo in them. When the pumps were started, an estimated 40,000 gallons of oil was pumped out of the bottom of the vessel via the sea chest.

source CTX
type C
volume 40000G
material C
dead 0

MSIS says 40000G crude, 0.25 to 3 mi offshore, wind 10kts, depth 3ft????. Local paper says 10,000G indicates it was a lightering spill in Delaware Bay. Need USCG investigation report. But looks like the valves were lined up wrong. Owner admitted liability was fined 1.5 million USD.