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Precis File
SHIP NAME: Esso Puerto Rico KEY: NUM. ENTRIES: 1
source CTX
type D
volume 3.6MM L
material carbon black

This spill is mentioned by the Marcus committee at 4050 tons. Also shows up in The NTSB report is MAR-89-02, NTIS number PB89-916402, but CTX has not yet seen.

OSIR says 966,000 gallons of carbon black.

Spill also shows up in Says ship was headed down river in the Mississippi loaded with carbon black, hit submerged object, 40 ft hole, spilled 23,000 barrels, which sank.

Ship was originally Esso Danica, lateer became Esso Nassau, then Nassau, then Enalios Hellas.

1990-02-04 she dragged ashore during severe gale, Fraserburgh Bay, Scotland. She had been anchored in ballast, awaiting orders, refloated "undamaged".