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Precis File
source OSCH
type A
volume 15350B
material crude
dead 0

On the night of July 13, 1988, the Nord Pacific suffered hull damage while docking at the Southwestern Oil and Refinery Dock #3, on the south side of the inner harbor, Corpus Christi, Texas. The collision with the dock tore an 8 foot by 1 foot hole in the No. 6 port wing tank about one foot above the waterline. The Nord Pacific was carrying 625,000 barrels of Beatrice crude oil, 15,350 barrels of which spilled into the harbor before the tank could be pumped down. The spill response began immediately and lasted until July 22. This spill was a textbook case of things that went well, including favorable weather conditions, no fire at the time of collision, rapid response, minimum resources at risk, direct access to all impacted areas, and small tidal range in a dead-end harbor.

Beatrice crude is a medium weight crude with a specific gravity of 0.83 and a pour point of 13 degrees Celsius. An estimated twenty five percent of the oil evaporated in the first two days of the spill, and by the end of the third day all free-floating oil in the harbor had been removed. Of the 15,350 barrels spilled, 11,344 barrels, (74%) were recovered. The oil slick was contained in a 2.6 mile long section of the inner harbor with most oil impacts on the north bank.