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Precis File
SHIP NAME: Amazon Venture KEY: NUM. ENTRIES: 2
source Ocala Star Banner 1986-12-19
type D
volume maybe 100 gallons
material No 6 fuel oil

Apparently a hull leak unloading at Northside Generating Station on the St Johns River. Captain Matthew Woods of the USCG said "maybe 100 gallons". The exact cause of the leak was not known but Woods said the oil might be coming from a bad weld. This source says the owner is Caluna Inc of Italy.

Woods referred to a much larger spill (called 500,000 gallons in this source) in Savannah earlier in the month and said the ship may be refused entry to the US in the future.

source CTX
type C
volume 400 liters
material Heavy fuel oil

Actually, this was the third spill from this ship in US waters in just over a month. Looks like Jacksonville USCG was not aware of the 1986-11-16 spill in New York.