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Precis File
source HOOKE
type A
dead 51

All 30 men on board the Panamanian ore carrier Lee Wang Zin lost their lives when the vessel capsized in gale force winds and high seas 20 mi NE of Rose Point, Queen Charlotte Islands, BC, in about lat 54.36N, long 131.38W on December 25, 1979. Two bodies were found wearing lifejackets but the remaining 28 crewmen were feared to have been trapped inside the vessel, which then drifted until being caught between rocks at the mouth of Kendrick Bay. Severe bottom damage was clearly visible on the upturned hull. However, no trace of the missing men was found. The Lee Wang Zin, which had been on a voyage from Tasu to Japan carrying a cargo of 54,310 long tons of iron ore pellet feed concentrate, was subseqeuntly taken in tow with the intention of scuttling her 70 miles out in the Pacific, but she sank on January 1, 1980, 23 miles SW of Dall Island, while still under tow.

An inquiry by the Marine Casualty Investigations Department of Transport Canada concluded that the most probable cause of the loss of the vessel was due to her striking Celestial Reef, Dixon Entrance, as she was sailing out of Queen Charlotte Islands area, which resulted in a massive intake of water through heavy bottom damage by way of the port wing ballast tanks that probably extended through to the engine room. They concluded that the capsizing was extremely swift, with few of the crew having time to get into their life jackets, and none into life rafts or lifeboats.

source CTX
type C
dead 30

Some sources say 200,000 gallon bunker spill, others say 370,000 gallon.

Several source including Hooke put GRT at 15,528 which does not match Hooke's cargo weight.

CTX has not seen the Canadian report. We have no idea of the cause of the grounding.