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Precis File
source HOOKE
type A
volume Y

While on a loaded voyage from Paranagua to Belem, carrying 14,354 tonnes of mogas and 4,947 tonnes of diesel oil, the Greek motor tanker Aminona ran aground on entering Itaqui port in the proximity of Banco de Meio in lat 02.17.48S, 44.12.42W on May 26, 1978. She managed to refloat using her own means after only 5 hours, then berthed in port. When a subsequent inspection, revealed that serious bottom damage had been sustained, the Aminona was declared a constuctive total loss and sold to Spanish shipbreakers. She was broken up in Burriana in December.

source CTX
type D
volume Y
material G
dead 0

ETC (read OSIR) has the spill at 146,600 barrels, or the whole cargo. Several others repeat this number. Given the Hooke account, a dwt of 21,378, and the light density of the cargo, this is extremely unlikely. As long as the damage was confined to the bottom, and the tides were not unfavorable during the 5 hours she was stranded (probably rising if she refloated herself), she would have spilled no more than a few percent of her cargo. Moreover, if there had been any sort of spill, no way she would have been allowed to berth.