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Precis File
source OSCH
type A
volume 7350B
material Kuwait crude

On October 29, 1977, a valve was left open during the offloading of the Al Rawdatain at the Genoa-Multedo dock. Seven thousand three hundred fifty barrels of Kuwait crude oil spilled from the vessel over a period of several hours. The spill was mitigated with chemical dispersants. No shoreline impacts occurred.

Kuwait crude oil is a medium weight product with an API gravity of 31.2 and a viscosity of 2.53 centistokes. Overflights on the morning of October 30 revealed a slick extending out 275 yards from the vessel. By October 31, a 7 mile long by 3 mile wide slick extended out to sea. A smaller amount of oil broke off from the large slick and moved west towards Savona. This oil formed a 5 mile long by 3 mile wide slick which stayed 2 miles off the shore between Cogoleto and Varazza. No oil contaminated the shoreline.

The Genoa Port Authority was responsible for cleanup operations. On October 31, dispersants were applied to the offshore slick and in the vicinity of the tanker's mooring by 4 tugboats, which were directed by observers in helicopters. Two tugs were fitted with Warren Springs Laboratory dispersant spraying equipment and storage tanks. The other two tugs used improvised spraying gear. A harbor launch applied dispersants to the smaller slick near Savona on the morning of October 31. Two fire monitoring tugs joined the Savona operations later that day, and sprayed dispersants into the night using search lights. Overflights revealed that no significant amounts of oil persisted after the dispersants were applied. Operations were considered successful and were completed by November 2 in perfect weather. Approximately 1190 barrels (50,000 gallons) of dispersants were used, and included: Gamlen LT126, Finasol OSR2, Chimisol TC 66, Saros Meltout M, Urruty Dispersol, and Rochem.

source CTX
type D

ETC has this spills at 66000 barrels. CEDRE has the spill at 8500 T. REMPEC says 5000 to 12000T. But does not seem credible in light of above. Possibly confusing units.

Rempec says Reported quant. Spilled oil:5000 - 12000T. Because of damaged valve oil pumped into sea. No impact.

We could use more info.