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Precis File
source HOOKE
type A
volume Y
material C
dead 2

On June 27, 1977, after discharging her 16000-tonne cargo of crude oil at Séte, souther France, a massive explosion on the 26-year old Finnish motor tanker Gunny, practically split her in two between the bow and the bridge. A major fire then broke out. Most of her crew were thrown clear by the blast but 2 men were killed. four others seriously burned and another nine hospitalised with injuries. Oil that spilled into the harbour was also set ablaze and hundreds of windows in buildings around the port area were smashed by the force of the blast. The wreck, was declared a constructive total loss, and sold to shipbreakers for scrap. The forward part was broken up at Séte, while the aftpart was towed to Marseille for demolition.

source CTX
type C
volume Y

Not in ETC. She could not have completed discharge, and still set the harbor on fire. Or maybe it was a partial discharge; but, given size of ship, seems unlikely. This was a two island ship. Photo indicates the explosion was just forward of the midships house, possibly in the pump room. Probably not inerted, but we need confirmation.