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Precis File
source HOOKE
type D
volume 28595LT
material light Arabian crude

Cyprus MT Cretan Star with crew of 36 loaded with 28,595 LT of Arabian light left Ras Tanura on 1976-07-22 for Cilicap. July 28th master reported very heavy weather 450 miles of Bombay, causing damage to deck plating and No 6 tank. Three hours later he reported leakage from forward port side. Three hours later he reported 2 ft of water in 1C. No further contact. Indian air force found a big oil slick at 20_25N,70_03E about 45 miles off the Veravel coast. Later Indian Navy found sunken wreck at 20_20N,70_05E but were unable to confirm it to be the Cretan Star.

source CTX
type D
volume 28000LT
material C
dead 36

This loss is called a structural failure in MIT79, which it clearly was. Need to know which tanks were segregated ballast. Could be an early Erika. Ship was built in France in 1955.

The Perfect Storm says this ship sent out a last distress call saying "Vessel struck by huge wave which went over deck". But CTX has been unable to locate the source of this quote, and it does not jibe very well with the Hooke account.