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Precis File
source HOOKE
type A
volume 15000T
dead 0

The Italian motor tanker Bello was en route from La Skhirra Tunisia to Genoa loaded with 46,000 tons of crude oil when she caught fire off north Corsica about 8 m NW of Capraia Is in lat 43.07N, long 09.37E on December 16, 1972 following an explosion in No 3 tank. Burning fiercely with her bow submerged, the tanker was abandoned by all 36 crew members who leaped into the sea, They were all safely picked up by two trawlers and the Norwegian steam tanker Clementine Churchill. Still burning and with blazing crude oil pouring out from her tanks, the Bello was taken in two by three tugs, and anchored off Cala della Mortola. Weh the fire finally extinguished itself, it was estimated that some 15,000 tons of oil had been lost due to the fire and spillage into the Mediterranean. After some cargo was pumped out at Porta Azzurro, the Bello was towed to La Spezia for completion of discharge. She was then declared a Constructive Total Loss and sold to ship breakers at La Spezia for demolition.

source CTX
type D
volume N

ITOPF has the spill at 6500T But ITOPF may only be looking at oil in the water. Algerian crude is very light and volatile. CTX went with the Hooke number for now.

Ship probably was not inerted. Need confirmation.

No 3 tanks (either wings or centers) are usually the permanent ballast tanks on these pre-marpol tankers. Probably cargo leaking into a segregated ballast tank, and then ignition. But we need confirmation.