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Precis File
SHIP NAME: Texaco Denmark KEY: NUM. ENTRIES: 1
source CTX
type D

Have almost nothing on this very large spill. It apparently was first reported in OSIR at 31.5MM and a number of sources repeat this volume or a clearly derivative number (Veiga paper 107,143T, Intertanko (102,319T), OSIR puts site at North Sea, Veiga says collision off Belgium.

But this gigantic North Sea spill is not in Cedre, not in MIT79, and not in Hooke. Nor can CTX find any non-OSIR derived information. The Texaco Denmark was a 1970 Odense built VLCC, nearly new at the time of this casualty. It traded at least until 1983 as Sipca Jeddah. How could a ship lose over 100,000 tons of cargo and survive? Miramar says ship was UK flag, but no UK report???

At this point, CTX is not even sure this spill occurred. Need a lot more info.