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Precis File
SHIP NAME: Esso Gettysburg KEY: NUM. ENTRIES: 1
source CTX
type A
volume 3mm liters

What little we know about this casualty is from an appeal by the pilot challenging his suspension. 37,800 dwt US flag ship, built 1957 was inbound into New Haven with kero and diesel onboard before dawn. On the way out to meet the ship, the pilot noted that some of the buoys were off station due to the ice, but thought that buoy 8 was OK. Coming in it turned out that buoy 8 was well off station and the ship grounded. The pilot argued that the buoy had moved in the interim. The Court rejected the argument, saying it was the pilot's fault for coming in in the dark when he knew the buoys were screwed up.

CTX reluctantly agreed with Court, and called the primary cause a guidance screw-up, and the buoy being moved a secondary cause. But you can certainly argue for the reverse.