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Precis File
source HOOKE
type A
dead 1

At 1 am on April 29, 1969, while the British steam tanker Mobil Apex was loading a cargo of naptha and gasoline at the Hess Terminal, Limetree Bay, St Croix for New York, a leak was detected in her pump room. Twenty minutes later an explosion occurred followed by a fire which broke out in her Engine Room, and also in the No 9 tank. She was then towed from her berth and anchored east of the Hess Oil channel where fire fighting operations by Coast Guard cutters continued. One man was reported missing. All the other crewmen were safely taken off the blazing ship which then had to be towed 21 miles further out to sea by order of the Coast Guard. In view of the imminent danger that the Mobil Apex loaded with 63,000 gallons of gasoline and 42,000 gallons of naptha would explode, attempts to extinguish the fire were abandoned later that day.

source CTX
type D
volume 700T
dead 1

USCG was able to put the fire out. The USCG citations mention fire in the PR, ER and No 9C. Amazingly, the fire seems to have spread no further. Ship was discharged and declared a CTL. She resumed life as Pollo.

This was a two island ship, but she apparently only had one pump room. The Hooke reference to gallons may be wrong. This is very littl oil. maybe he meant barrels.

We have no cause info. There was a court case, and there must be USCG/NTSB reports, but CTX has not seen.

While being repaired at Versted, 12 people were killed in the Engine Room when CO2 system was activated by a repairer who grabbed the handle to steady himself. This is not a CDB casualty.