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Precis File
SHIP NAME: Comet Commander KEY: NUM. ENTRIES: 2
source HOOKE
type A
volume Y
dead 11

Eleven members of the crew of the Liberian motor tanker Comet Commander, including the master Captain Wong Chi Chon, of Taiwan, were lost when their vessel broke in two during stormy weather in the Pacific Ocean about 500 miles NW of Midway Island onApril 3, 1966. The Comet Commander which had sailed from Los Angeles with a cargo of petroleum products bound for Yokohama, was in approximately lat 32N long 173E when she split at mid-length. The forward section sank almost immediately, but the after section remained afloat. Thirty-one of her 42 man Taiwan-Chinese crew were rescued by the nearby Japanese fishing vessel Yayoi Maru. The skipper of the fishing vessel reported by radio that he believed that the missing men had gone down with the forepart. The stern section drifted until it too sank at 4.38 pl local time in lat 30.30N, long 176.37E.

source CTX
type C
volume 20MML

Ship was 10,875 grt. Assuming fully loaded cargo would be about 17,000 tons.