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Precis File
SHIP NAME: african queen KEY: NUM. ENTRIES: 2
source UNK
type A
dead 19

The steam powered steel hulled tanker African Queen was built in 1955. She was 590 feet long had a 75 foot beam and displaced 13800 gross tons.

On December 30, 1958, the massive African Queen navigating through a storm en-route from New Jersey to Philadelphia. The big ship ran aground on Gull Shoal. Captain Danielsen ordered full astern in an effort to get his vessel of the shoal. Under the strain of being pulled astern with waves crashing over her side the African Queen broke in half. The result was devastating, a massive oil spill. The African Queen went down in only 30 feet of water. All of her crew were rescued by Coast Guard helicopters. Over the years many have salvaged portions of this wreck. Her entire stern section was re-floated and towed to shore. What remains on the bottom is the African Queen's bow section.

Today the African Queen's bow section sits upside down in 70 feet of water.

source CTX
type A
volume 21000

Wikipedia gives the volume at 21,000 tons, not clear what this is based on.

Contemporary accounts from locals only talk about the goodies taken off the ship, and the successful attempt by a handful of amateurs to refloat the stern, after the pros had given up. Nothing about the devastating spill.

Sounds like navigation error.

Not in Hocking. No USCG report?