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Precis File
SHIP NAME: world splendour KEY: NUM. ENTRIES: 2
source Ships Nostalgia
type D
material D
dead 19

From various posts on Ship Nostalgia.

Exploded 1958-10-19 160 miles off Karachi, apparently tank cleaning. The whole deck was blown open and the midships bridge/accommodations was tossed into the sea. All on the bridge were killed. 19 or 20 dead, 51 said to rescued.

Flag was UK. There was a Board of Trade investigation but CTX has not seen. Apparently some discussion of defective tank cleaning machine, no binding wires. But one source says Board of Trade could reach no firm conclusions.

Ship was converted to Bulker and renamed Escape.

source CTX
type A
dead 19

5106158 26492/17380 yob 1953. Stanvac was a joint venture of Esso and Mobil based in Australia and trading in parts of Asia and Africa.

The ship was not inerted. There is no evidence that either Esso or Mobil reacted to this killer casualty in any meaningful way.

Not in Hocking.