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Precis File
source SSC Report SR-1426
type A

On May 17, 1952, the C4 cargo vessel "Marine Flier" struck the T2 tanker David E Day at a reported 55 degree collision angle between frames 59 and 62 of the David E Day approximately 9 m forward of amidships. The reported vessel speeds at the time of the collision were 16.3 knots for the David E Day and 16.5 knots for the Marine Flier causing a reported 17 feet of penetration and 35 feet of damage length. Extensive examination of the documents related to the collision indicates that the actual speed of the Marine Flier and David E Day at the time of the collision was closer to 5 to 7 knots and the collision angle was in actuality between 50 and 55 degrees. In part, these changes were due to last minute Full Astern and hard right rudder orders given by the masters of each vessel in the effort to avoid the collision. The port bow of the Flier hit the starboard side of the Day angled forward. In CTX parlance, the angle is 125 to 130 degrees,

source CTX
type D
volume Y
dead 1

Have not found the USCG report on this collision.

This collision was studied by Brown et al in SSC Report SR-1426 using the SIMCOL model and finite element, both of which came up with DOP's and LOP's which were quite close to the reported values when the Day speed was set at 7 knots, the Flier speed at 5.5 knots, and the collision angle at 129 degrees.

The Flier was a C4-S-B5 general cargo ship with a GRT of 11757.

Not on USCG CD, maybe because no fatalities.

The collsion was off California; but that is all we know. Fog was involved for the master of the Day was suspended for being at 16 knots. No real cause info.